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Covid Summerand

What does one do in quarantine (well, semi-quarantine) for five months. Well, an author writes. A third Edward Hunter novel, Blood Water, is headed for publication on 1 September. Hunter travels to Venice at the invitation of Philip Sidney, but when he arrives, Sidney is missing! That is the start of his Italian adventures, that include becoming intimately aquainted with Venetian courtesans, and (not intimately) English expatriate students in Padua, Tintoretto, criminal bosses, Dominican friars, and silk merchants. He and Sidney are framed for the attempted assassination of King Henry III of France. With judgment and execution of Sidney looming, he must discover evidence of their innocence and devise a way to present it to the feared Council of Ten.

Of course, one cannot write all the time. There's also binge-watching, bread baking, and hiking among Rocky Mountain wildflowers.

Of course, one can't write all the time. I'm also baking and hiking among Rocky mountain wildflowers.

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