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How to increase my sales

Ways to increase my book sales:

  1. Change my name to James Patterson or Stephen King. (But any profits would be gobbled up in legal fees.)

  2. Require all my students to buy my books, as university professors do. (But I no longer teach, nor was I ever a university professor.)

  3. Spend hours a day on social media saying provocative or shocking things to get attention. (But I’m unwilling to spend my time that way, and attention also attracts trolls.)

  4. Enter some contests. (Not impossible, but you need to win them.)

  5. Happen to sit next to a movie producer on a flight and convince him/her to make Rebellionor Massacreinto a film. (Any film producers reading this please send along your flight and seat numbers.)

  6. Sit next to Oprah on a flight. Same scenario. (But I can’t afford first class.)

  7. Encourage those of you who have read my novels and enjoyed them to write a review. (Which I hereby do. Thank you.)

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